Passau Grad Students Brown Bag Seminar

Some computer science graduate students have a weekly get-together. They share food, drinks, and -- most importantly -- nerdy ideas. These are their notes.

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ITZ from north

Image by Konstantin Ziegler, CC BY-SA 2.0


Welcome to this collection of bits and pieces by some (not so random) Passau Graduate Students. They are technically built from a github-repository using Jekyll. And they are philosophically founded as a do-ocracy: if you think something should be on these pages, put it here. If you see something that could be improved, do it. (Don’t be afraid to break anything – everything’s version-controlled.)

The content comes in roughly two flavors. On the one hand, there are (very) rough notes on scientific topics (think: “What is …?”, see “Posts” below). On the other hand, there’s general information that we refer to (and are asked for) regularly (think: “How to …?”, see “Pages” below).

For more details, see the organizational page of the seminar or a get a first impression of the latest topics in the following list.

Last Three Sessions


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