Wikimedia Hackathon 2013, Amsterdam

Image by Sebastiaan ter Burg from Utrecht, The Netherlands via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0

We meet every week on :

Thursday afternoon, ~18:00

for some sandwiches and apfelschorle – and discuss topics on our nerdy minds. Every session is led by a “Master of Ceremony” (MOC), lasts for roughly an hour, and is accompanied by some food (hence the name of the seminar). During the last organizational meeting, we set the following defaults:

  • ON sessions take place (unless official holiday) unless canceled explicitly (usually, when less than 4 people would show up)
  • OPT-OUT people are expected to show up or cancel by mail to the mailinglist (at least 24h before the sessio)
  • abstract the MOC should send out a quick reminder/abstract the day before the session

By the way, the mailing-list is located at :

pgbbs AT <domain-of-our-chair>

And finally, there’s also always a – more or less voluntary – scribe who takes notes in the form of a simple markdown-file which then turn into evolving blogposts.

And here’s our opening theme. :smile:


Date Topic Speaker
25 Aug 2016 Blockchain Konstantin
20 Oct 2016 Orga (this document) all
27 Oct 2016 Privacy Armin
03 Nov 2016 Mico and Multimedia Manu
10 Nov 2016 How to write a paper Konstantin
17 Nov 2016 Automatic Test Generation Andy
22(!) Nov 2016 LPL – A Layered Privacy Language Armin
01 Dec 2016 under-staffed (MDPS workshop)  
08 Dec 2016 Brainstorming for Hackathon Thommy
15 Dec 2016 Hackathon all
12 Jan 2017 unscheduled  
19 Jan 2017 e-Portfolio Armin & Konstantin
26 Jan 2017 Elevator pitch and New Year’s resolutions Konstantin
02 Feb 2017 Thommys Kickstarter Start-Up Talk Thommy
09 Feb 2017 unscheduled  
16 Feb 2017 Semester-Abschluss-Powerpoint-Karaoke with Trinkspiel all
23 Feb 2017 orga & How to write scientific English (part 1) Konstantin
02 Mar 2017 How to write scientific English (part 2) Konstantin
09 Mar 2017 Tor and Its Services Konstantin
16 Mar 2017 under-staffed (due to holidays)  
23 Mar 2017 SWTF (Semantic Web, Linked Data and the Whole Shebang) Manu
30 Mar 2017 Games Night all
6 Apr 2017 Armin Paper Presentation Workshop Armin
13 Apr 2017 Eiersuchen Steffi
20 Apr 2017 Semester-Anfangs Powerpoint-Karaoke Thommy
27 Apr 2017 Lasertag Tactical Meeting & May Orga Manu
04 May 2017 Deep Learning for commercial use Konstantin
11 May 2017 Games Night all
18 May 2017 dynamics, networks, and the future Angelika Schmid
25 May 2017 Christi Himmelfahrt  
01 Jun 2017 ITZ-Lasertag-Finals:
Lehrstuhl Lehner vs. Lehrstuhl Kosch
08 Jun 2017 unscheduled – shame!  
15 Jun 2017 Fronleichnam  
22 Jun 2017 w/o Konstantin  
29 Jun 2017 Asymptotische Entwicklung
für den Zeitverlauf der Wahrscheinlichkeitsverteilung
der Brownsche Bewegung auf semialgebraischen Mengen
Julia Ruppert
  Jul 06
06 Jul 2017 Rehearsal for IRIXYS Workshop Andy
13 Jul 2017 Rehearsal for IRIXYS Workshop Armin
20 Jul 2017 under-staffed (IRIXYS Workshop)  
27 Jul 2017    


  • speaker (carry): prepare the session and give the presentation
  • session-chair (mid): introduce the speaker, stick to the agenda/lead the discussion, and keep time (we start on time, we finish on time)
  • breadwinner (top): choose a delivery service, like 1, 2, or 3 and collect food orders
  • scribe (support): take notes (in markdown-format), put them into _posts or _pages and link them from the schedule above
  • reviewer (jungler): advocatus diaboli (that’s a critic, not a pizza); review what the scribe wrote (content and style); check the internal link from the schedule (above), add (at least one) external link and prettify it with a nice Creative-Commons picture on top (don’t forget the license)

While the speaker/topic is determined in a democratic discusison. The other roles are determined by a 4-sided dice, i.e. a tetrahedron.

Topic/Format Incubator


  • Does it make sense to have a SCRUM-like “What I learned last week and what I’ll do next week” at the beginning of each session? – Or have a (joint) Lerntagebuch?
  • implement topic up/down-voting here?

Selected Topics

that at least one of us would like to know/talk about. This may be technical or technological. In the spirit of Matt Might’s Things that every computer science major should know.

  • Recommender Systems (Manu)
  • App-Programmierung
  • public key cryptography (Konstantin, see _drafts)
  • Tests of (Artificial) Intelligence (e.g. in the context of psychology, AI in computer games)
  • Presentation of a single recent (landmark) paper/result
  • LaTeX-hero (Konstantin)

Or the (ongoing) classic

  • Schreibwerkstatt?

Classic Papers

that every computer scientist should have read

  • Harry Lewis has drafted a course Classics of Computer Science with 25 lectures (a 90 min.) around papers taken from this master list.
  • Barbara Liskov gave the following “must-read” list at the 16th Heidelberg Laureate Forum.
  • There’s also the Papers We Love repository.
  • Leslie Lamport’s “The Part-Time Parliament” highly recommended – for its scientific contribution as well as for the exposition. Read it – along with the history/notes on Lamport’s homepage.

Programming Pearls

Jon Bentley started a column of said name in the 1983 Communications of the ACM. The resulting book appeared in 1986 (2nd edition in 1999).

Reading Group

(a classic format)

work together through a book/lecture notes (best with lectures); usually requires weekly reading assignmests

similarly, host a papers we love event – and add the results to the papers-we-love githbub repository.



Selection Criteria

  • topic
  • with (graded) exercises
  • with accompanying book

Rehearsal Talk (Probevortrag) and Paper Peer Review

  • Before giving a presentation at a workshop/conference, here’s the place and time to practice it and get some feedback.
  • Also, before submitting your paper to a conference, you should let (some) of your colleagues peer-review it. Maybe (?) here’s a place to discuss a paper with the author (once)? – Or this better done one-on-one? On the other hand, this would be a format to get everybody’s commitment/feedback. Maybe turn it into a speed-dating like paper-review?

round table/orientation meeting


  • maybe we should do this regularly on the first meeting of each semester?

elevator pitch

  • everybody: 5 min’s on his/her topic “Hallo, ich bin der . Ich mach' , d.h. . Und da bin I dahoam."

Alternative (inspired by the meetings of group N. Bourbaki)

  • everybody talks on somebody else’s topic (disjoint from their own) to enforce a change of perspective, higher expository quality, and general appreciation

if we do more, then we should provide feedback:

  • everybody: feedback in the form of “Thanks for your interesting talk …
    • … One point that really caught my attention was:” (dig deeper) or
  • … We should really write a paper about:” (joint paper title)

Presentation Skills

Hour of Hacking

  • QR-codes for our office windows, see
  • bring a Code for Germany project to Passau (or at least Niederbayern)
  • build a quality cycle map


  • LaserTag Arena
  • EscapeRoom