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This document addresses the content and style of your thesis. The technical (typographical) parts are addressed in the related document on “How to LaTeX”.

Structure of Your Thesis

Organisational Things

Correction Guideline - Emanuel Berndl

Bachelor vs Master vs PhD thesis

Your PhD thesis should be published at an A or A+ conferences. Your Master thesis should meet the requirements of a B or C workshop. And your Bachelor thesis should justify admission to a Master’s programme, i.e. meet basic scientific standards.

Matt Might has a nice illustration of the relation between Bachelor, Master and PhD thesis.

Four short comments on writing papers by Kent Beck (thanks to Andy)


with a very concise four-sentence template for a good abstract

Advice: start with the title, introduction and table of contents

Then update as you move along

“You may change your itinerary in the middle of the voyage, but you will modify that itinerary, and not no itinerary.” – Umberto Eco, How To Write A Thesis

Advice: Make a mess, then clean up.

aka “Puke on the paper.” (Thanks Isma!)

Michael Granitzer has some advice on


undergraduate level

  • Helmut Balzert, Marion Schröde & Christian Schäfer (2015), Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten: Ethik, Inhalt & Form wiss. Arbeiten, Handwerkszeug, Quellen, Projektmanagement, Präsentation, 2. Auflage, W3L-Verlag :: deutsch, (positiv) rezensiert von Kristin Butzer-Strothmann in Informatik Spektrum Band 40, Heft 3, Juni 2017, S. 302-303. (“Insgesamt gelingt es den Autoren mit ihrem Buch, die für viele Studierende nicht einfach zu erschließende Welt des “Wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens” ein markantes Stück transparenter zu machen.”)