Use Case: Arbeitsgruppe (AG) DIMIS-MICS

Bachelor students give one talk (40’):

  • final presentation at the end of their thesis
  • content: topic, research question, methodology, results

Master’s students give two talks:

  • the first talk (20’) at the beginning of your thesis work should contain
    • State of the Art
    • Central Idea
    • Work Schedule
    • this triggers the deadline (+6m)
  • the second talk (40’) should conclude your thesis work
    • present your results
    • first 3 min.: convince the audience about the relevance

In either case, post the abstract of your talk to the mailing list ahead of time (at least 24 hours)

  • in English
  • in the mail body
  • here’s a rough guideline

Take into account Hofstadter’s Law – for your talk and for your work schedule.