1. Most forms are in German. The international office of our cosmopolitan university will kindly help with a translation.
  2. Introduce yourself to the secretaries and ask where your (postal) mail will arrive. It is your responsibility to check it regularly.
  3. Introduce yourself to your colleagues (with some cookies or cake). Some of the graduate students are organizing a reading/watching group or brown bag seminar. Talk to your colleagues if you want to join – or initiate one.
  4. Introduce yourself to the admin admin@dimis.fim.uni-passau.de who is your contact point for any hardware/software/IT-solutions. If you are part of the scientific staff (“wiss. Mitarbeiter”), then also:
    • Ask him to add your email to the chair’s mailinglist lehrstuhl@dimis.fim.uni-passau.de or mics@dimis.fim.uni-passau.de, respectively.
    • Ask him to add your user to the dimis-group on LDAP to access all our file-/compute-servers.
  5. Finally, Prof. Granitzer’s group has a Jour Fixe meeting :

    every monday, 12:00-14:00 @ZMK, 111a

See you there and welcome again. :smile: