We are distributed over two universities in Lower Bavaria:

University of Applied Sciences Landshut

We are on the main campus and you can reach us by

We are on the first floor of the HS building, next to red main building A. The address is :

Am Lurzenhof 1
84032 Landshut

University of Passau

Here are two maps of the University campus:

We are located in the ITZ, i.e. the building in the south, close to the sports centre. (Rumor has it that the shape is inspired by the “square root”-sign, but judge for yourself.)

The address is :

Innstrasse 43
94032 Passau

You can take the stairs or the elevator. In either case, turn left and walk down the hallway untily you reach a door labelled “Distributed Multimedia and Informition Systems”. You have reached your destination. Here are the exact x-y-coordinates on OpenStreetmap.

APPENDIX Places to visit in/around Landshut

For the moment, let us provide links to the

APPENDIX Places to visit in/around Passau

After a long and productive week you’re hopefully looking forward to a refreshing weekend in (and around) the Bavarian forest. The University maintains a website with suggestions for excursions (unfortunately only in German). Also, the city has a monthly magazine (unfortunately also only in German).

You can enjoy a panorama view of Passau from two angles (i.e. restaurants)

If you have a bike, then Schärding on the river Inn is an attractive destination. On the route to Schärding (or back or both), you may be tempted to stop in Wernheim for some “cidre”.

A guided tour will/should take you to the following places

  • Alte und neue Residenz: fuerstliche Residenz; alte Residenz jetzt Landgericht, neue Residenz jetzt Bischoefliches Ordinariat und Eingang zum Domschatzmuseum
  • Dom St. Stephan: barocker Neubau von 1668-1693, groesste katholische Kirchenorgel der Welt (spielt werktags um 12:00 und jeden Donnerstag um 19:30)
  • Dreiflüsseeck: gruener Inn, scharze Ilz, blaue Donau
  • Fünferlsteg: verbindet Alt- mit Innstadt, 1916 als Hindenburgsteg errichtet, Brueckenmaut bis 1976
  • Severinstor und Peicherturm: 1412 errichtet, erhaltener Teil der Stadtmauer.
  • Roemermuseum
  • Schaiblingsturm
  • Residenzplatz mit Wittelsbacherbrunnen
  • Veste Niederhaus

  • Schiff-Fahrten

Around Passau


APPENDIX Places to visit in/around Lower Bavaria (dt. “Empfehlungen für Tagesausflüge”)