We are distributed over two buildings on the campus of the University of Passau: the IT-Centre/International House (short: ITZ/IH) and the Zentrum für Medien und Kommunikation (short: ZMK).

Here are two maps of the University campus:


On the map, the ITZ is the building in the south, close to the sports centre. (Rumor has it that the shape is inspired by the “square root”-sign, but judge for yourself.)

The address is :

Innstrasse 43
94032 Passau

Chair of Harald Kosch

You can take the stairs or the elevator. In either case, turn left and walk down the hallway untily you reach a door labelled “Distributed Multimedia and Informition Systems”. You have reached your destination. Here are the exact x-y-coordinates on OpenStreetmap.

The office is held by Ingrid Winter.

Most meetings are held in R 249.

SR 001

This room is located on the ground floor of the ITZ facing the soccer pitch. Here are the exact x-y-coordinates on OpenStreetmap.


On the map, the ZMK is the building next to bridge between cantine and IM.

The address is :

Innstrasse 33a
94032 Passau

Professorship of Michael Granitzer

Michael Granitzer and his group are located (mostly) on the first floor. The office is held by Annemarie Gertler-Weber.

APPENDIX Taxi in Passau

Taxis in Passau are organized within the Taxi Zentrale.

APPENDIX Places to visit in/around Passau

After a long and productive week you’re hopefully looking forward to a refreshing weekend in (and around) the Bavarian forest. The University maintains a website with suggestions for excursions (unfortunately only in German). Also, the city has a monthly magazine (unfortunately also only in German).

You can enjoy a panorama view of Passau from two angles (i.e. restaurants)

If you have a bike, then Schärding on the river Inn is an attractive destination. On the route to Schärding (or back or both), you may be tempted to stop in Wernheim for some “cidre”.

A guided tour will/should take you to the following places

  • Alte und neue Residenz: fuerstliche Residenz; alte Residenz jetzt Landgericht, neue Residenz jetzt Bischoefliches Ordinariat und Eingang zum Domschatzmuseum
  • Dom St. Stephan: barocker Neubau von 1668-1693, groesste katholische Kirchenorgel der Welt (spielt werktags um 12:00 und jeden Donnerstag um 19:30)
  • Dreiflüsseeck: gruener Inn, scharze Ilz, blaue Donau
  • Fünferlsteg: verbindet Alt- mit Innstadt, 1916 als Hindenburgsteg errichtet, Brueckenmaut bis 1976
  • Severinstor und Peicherturm: 1412 errichtet, erhaltener Teil der Stadtmauer.
  • Roemermuseum
  • Schaiblingsturm
  • Residenzplatz mit Wittelsbacherbrunnen
  • Veste Niederhaus

  • Schiff-Fahrten

Around Passau