Ada-Code (83)

45 variants of the NH90

variability and qualification make it hard!

new approach: asset-based development

implementation of embedded database

goal: qualification (for certification of the complete system) but: coding constraints

Fun facton avionics certification: toilets and fly-by-wire have the same security level. :smile:

Development approaches

code-based development

  • manual coding
  • maintaining traceability :

    qualification assets (units tests, …) + source code => qualified variant

tool-based development :

qualification assets => development tool => source code => qualified variant

certify development tool on the highest level

trade scalability (with num of variants) vs. inital costs (licensing, training)

NEW asset-based development combine best of both worlds

key idea:

  • use a non-qualified code generator
  • automatically generate code and qualification assets


  • Meta-Modell in Sys-ML using domain-specific language (DSL): typ-model, daten-model, configuration-model (may be provided by non-experts)


Andreas Wölfl, Norbert Siegmund, Sven Apel, Harald Kosch, Johann Krautlager, and Guillermo Weber-Urbina. Generating Qualifiable Avionics Software: An Experience Report. In Proceedings of the IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE), pages 726–736. IEEE Computer Society, November 2015.