Tech-Support for “Das Schwarze Auge” (our favorite Pen-and-Paper)

  • DSA1 (low-effort): provide collab drawing tools for the whole group a la twiddla, i.e. also web-based; features: integrated spider/monster stamp, incl. pets
  • DSA2 (high-effort): provide an opp for the master; xml-parsing is not so exciting; features: supply xml to master and master can easily quickly query for talents, this will be a website, need database; helden-software produces xml-output, Sinnesschaerfe, Zwergennase, Orientierung; One button “Sinnessschaerfe” for easy parallel querying the group; make battles semi-automatic
  • DSA3: wiki & rule-book-app
  • DSA3.5: photo-app with OCR and graph-export (see Evernote); maybe start small with a plug-in for the collab drawing tool above?

Neural Network on real-world data

  • neuronale Bauern-Regel: enable weather-cam; collect images; define features (Tag/Nacht; Gutes/Schlechtes Wetter); use a convolutional neural network; there’s a famous library
  • general IOT idea: attach public wetter-station to ITZ
  • somebody built a coffee-machine-detector from a cheap webcam with motion/audio-detection (Privacy FTW?)

AI on digital data

  • HackaWhat: crawl twitter/heise for “trending topics” for next year’s hackathon; heatmap/word-cloud for scientific buzzwords/open-source technology in our publications (incl. Master thesis)
  • Bot for Hearthstone, Super-Mario or some turn-based strategy game; for a single-day-project, maybe start with noughts-and-crosses

Wikipedia Plug-In for pdf-artifacts

  • PassRDF: input: pdf with image and (machine-readable) text and word-document with structured description. Cany you, e.g. query wikipedia to
    • check the description for plagariasm and
    • suggest additional information (e.g. birthdates) via access to wikipedia? (1st todo: ask Manu about RDF.)


  • Andy: Ambifree: Ambilight for everyone (hardware cost ~100 Euro :-( )); colored HDMI-strips on TV for better immersion!
  • Armin: USB-turret Nerf-gun targeting (expensive hardware)
  • Manu: lehrstuhlweite Blink-Kommunikation
  • amphibious robots for the workshop at Lake Chiemsee


  • Max: (visual?) feeback for speakers of talks concerning the audio quality; e.g. blink-USB at the back of the room indicating when things get unintelligible
  • Manu: speech-recognizer; what is state-of-the-art? what is the gap to instant reaction?