Image by David Leo Veksler via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

Speakers: Manu & Armin



  • your vest (in particular the shoulder pads)
  • your tagger
  • NB: the vest and the tagger are blinking constantly; keep that in mind, when hiding


  • may support different firing frequencies (like manual, semi-automatic, automatic)
  • the laser may be visible thanks to to the smoke.


  • wear dark sports gear
  • optionally: warpaint/eyeshadow


  • The building/architecture is usually more constrained and crooked than a paintball arena
  • Common Rule: no running, but you may rob and move around quickly


hitting special targets may offer

  • extra shield
  • rapid fire
  • faster respawn

moving through specially colored gates may offer

  • power-ups/death/nothing


  • flusher (against fortified positions): run walk in, get killed, wait and threaten until respawn
  • weasel (against calm campers): move around randomly and quickly for distraction
  • core (to limit others’ manoeuvrability and gain oversight): camp somewhere in the center
  • double trouble: form a team of two (small guy, tall guy) and clear space together (e.g. alternating left and right)


  • you respawn 5 seconds after getting hit; use this time to move around freely and/or keep track of your opponents
  • Is ganking a thing? – Yes, but it sucks. As usual.


  • Stay calm and move slowly. (Exceptions see above)
  • If there is a first floor: go there and stay there.
  • Don’t run too much – in particular, don’t run into wide open spaces.