Today our PGGBS round featured another round of powerpoint karaoke. Each member prepared a presentation for about 10 minutes. The dice decided the distribution of the talks among the speakers.


We had the following expert talks in our round:

  • Armin: Branding - 10 do’s and don’ts
  • Thomas: What’s the matter with tomatoes sold in Bosten?
  • Manu: Fascination of Physics
  • Konstanting: Epic HowTo - Make money playing video games!

The speakers demonstrated expert knowledge in their respective fields. The audience was stunned by the topics.

Social Event

To round our session a game of activity has been started which has also been attended by the audience.

The line-up for the teams has been:

  • Team 1: Armin and Steffi aka. Team Arffi
  • Team 2: Manu, Thomas and Matthias aka. Team Mamas

The two teams have been fighting hard for the victory. One Expression after another has been described, painted or mimiced from each team.

Eventually Team 2 has won the game.